Picture of business park to emphasise that Wycombe District has exceptional business opportunities with 9 business parks Picture of British Airways airliner emphasising connectivity of Wycombe District and close proximity to Heathrow picture of windmill and trees emphasising exceptional countryside in Wycombe District Picture of Eden shopping in High Wycombe to emphasise Wycombe District as an exceptional shopping, retail and leisure destination Photo of station to emphasise the good transport links enjoyed by Wycombe District and the fact that London is only 35 minutes away School pupils working on a computer to illustrate that Wycombe District has an exceptional workforce with 90,000 employees and 12,000 students
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The Buckinghamshire Business Awards 2015Enter the Buckinghamshire Business Awards

Wycombe District Council is sponsoring a brand new category which will recognise the best overall business in Wycombe district

Sustainable RoutesSustainable Routes

Offers a grant of £1,000 to help businesses cut travel. It is available to all SMEs in the South East of England.

Wenta logoBetter Broadband for Buckinghamshire

By 2016 an estimated 52,500 plus homes in Buckinghamshire and Hertfordshire will enjoy superfast broadband with speeds of up to 80Mbps.

Image of Handy Cross Development siteHandy Cross Development

Details of Wycombe District Council’s development, which will include the creation of up to 1,300 new jobs in Wycombe District and construction of a new leisure centre and coachway park and ride.

Stock photo of people in conversation at Business Breakfast meeting to illustrate service that assists small and medium businessesGrowth Accelerator

A new service that aims to assist small and medium enterprises with up to 250 employees who are looking to grow by at least 20% each year

FSE Group logo to illustrate article about Business Angel fundingBusiness Angels Funding

If you have the right type of business and serious growth ambitions, Business Angel investment can provide one of the most important sources of funding for start-ups and early stage companies .

Wycombe District Connecting Business Videos - Youth Enterprise

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