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Business finance

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  • Better Business Finance provides impartial information and support to business customers looking to raise finance.
  • Provides a £50 million investment fund to invest with syndicates of business angels
  • A partnership between private enterprise and government to highlight support for start-ups and growing businesses. The site signposts to various sources of business advice and finance
  • Buy in Buckinghamshire is a network led by Bucks Business First, aimed at improving procurement processes in the County.
  • Provides more than £300m of venture capital investment to address the equity gap for early stage SMEs
  • Details of pan-European business and investment opportunities
  • This provides up to £2billion of lending to SMEs
  • A charity that helps people who are unable to access traditional finance
  • Contacts and resources to help you find and manage the right finance.
  • Provides help to up to 26,000 SMEs to achieve their high growth potential over three years
  • The main UK grants database for government and European funding for small businesses. Check your eligibility for funding to develop products, buy equipment or promote your firm
  • Buckinghamshire Business First (BBF) has launched an online business support tool. This includes information on business start up, finance, growth and general business advice
  • Business start up help for unemployed 18 to 30 year olds
  • WDC spends over £35 million per year on goods and services and works providing firms of all sizes with a range of commercial opportunities
  • Provides advice and start up finance (around £2,500) for 18-30 year olds looking to start and grow their own business
  • Offers a grant of £1,000 to help businesses cut travel. It is available to all SMEs in the South East of England
  • Innovation vouchers can provide funding for businesses looking to work with an external partner for the first time in order to help your business develop and grow
  • Provides information about Business Angel investment opportunities. FSE Group has an active Business Angel Investor Network and offers training seminars
  • Provides loans to charities and social enterprises that are unable to secure sufficient funding from mainstream sources
  • Provides trade credit insurance to exporters and guarantees to banks to support UK exports