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Local company views

Why Wycombe district is good for business

Here are the views of some local companies...

Graham Tilly, Risk Management Security

We have been providing security services from our Head Office in High Wycombe since 1981 and have always found the location a great catchment area in many respects. We can travel 30 minutes west and be in the heart of the Cotswolds and 30 minutes east to be in the centre of London. High Wycombe provides easy access to all major motorways and airports are all within 45 minutes. Having been in the town centre for over 30 years we have seen the area develop and now blossom into an exciting community for business, residents and visitors.

Elton Boocock, Urban Media

Urban Media believe High Wycombe’s proximity to the M40 and M4 motorway networks is a key factor in the towns’ business credentials. We are on the doorstep of both London and the Thames Valley. The town has an excellent IT infrastructure in terms of broadband and telecoms. As a result, we have lots of supportive business activity in the local area.

David Lawrence, The Clare Foundation

The Clare Foundation is a newly registered charity that helps other charities increase their social impact through improved efficiency and effectiveness. We found an ideal location for our new 'charity hub' – a collaborative community of charities sharing services and facilities – in Saunderton in the Wycombe District Council area that benefited from excellent transportation and community services.

David Jackson, Your Print Solution

High Wycombe has the enviable position of being in the Thames Valley and also one of the Northern Home counties. It’s because of the location with its quick routes into London by train or car that High Wycombe businesses can benefit. On a personal level, we have gained business due to our more cost effective rate card over that of London Design Agencies where overheads and general costs are higher. It only takes us 40 minutes to go and visit a client in London, so there is no issue going up for meetings or design briefs as and when required.

With High Wycombe’s accessibility and the success that comes from that, comes the success of other different businesses – businesses that we now as a company rely on day to day. Support businesses, couriers, accountants, suppliers of all sorts that are on our door step and provide a great network that only gives more value to the services we offer.

I was lucky, I was born in High Wycombe and growing up benefited from the wonderful countryside around us. Forty one years later I have the best of both worlds. The countryside on my doorstep and a business community that has strength and creativity.


Trisha Kelly, Summit Services Ltd

Summit Services Ltd was set up in High Wycombe in 1992 and provide database and mailing services to a wide range of industries including other local suppliers. The proximity to London with excellent road and rail routes has made it an ideal position to service the South East and Midlands. All our staff are local which has encouraged longevity of service. Our clients are always happy to come to High Wycombe and are always pleasantly surprised by the local countryside so close to London.

Mark Wallace, The Personal Cooling Centre Ltd

The Personal cooling centre, based on Norths Estate in Piddington, close to High Wycombe, is an internet business selling unique personal cooling products throughout the UK and Europe. It is the only internet business focused on personal cooling solutions. Its founder, Mark Wallace, said, we were looking to base the business close to Heathrow’s commercial terminal as much of our stock is imported from the USA and China. The close proximity of High Wycombe to the motorway network, London and the port of Southampton was another significant reason for choosing the area to locate the business. The company has grown since its move to the area five years ago and now has added Chillow and WRG to its portfolio of businesses that operate from the region

Graham King, Reynolds Parry Jones Solicitors

As a local business for the last 125 years, we value the benefits of the area including high calibre staff, a good quality of life, excellent rail and road links and a vibrant, well established business community. In addition, the recent regeneration of the town centre provides exciting opportunities for new business

Peter Tillotson, Quality Heating

Our excellent head office location has assisted us to expand our business activities throughout London and the South of England. Our bespoke Customer Service Centre with locally based, highly trained customer liaison officers is recognised by all of our local authority and housing association clients as being at the leading edge for service provision excellence. This is supported by the extensive positive feedback that we receive from our clients residents. We have been able to develop several effective partnering arrangements with local suppliers / organisations which has assisted us to further improve our service delivery activities.

Geodis UK Ltd

The company has been in High Wycombe since 1976. High Wycombe is an excellent point for distribution in North West London, Thames Valley and M40 corridor. M40 connections good for North West, North East and Midlands. Its proximity to Heathrow is a good attraction for foreign companies wishing to invest in the UK.