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Update on Delivery of Economic Development Growth Strategy

Wycombe District Council places a high priority on Economic Development and is delivering a Growth Strategy and Tactical Plan covering the period April 2012 to March 2015. The plan was approved at a meeting of the WDC Cabinet back in March 2012

The Strategy proposes a focus on inward investment, tackling the skills agenda (particularly in deprived wards), helping existing businesses to grow through a segmented sector approach and development of the Wycombe for Business website. The Strategy is supported by a Plan of activity with £570,000 investment from the Council’s LABGI budget. (The Local Authority Business Growth Incentive scheme was introduced as a means of channelling resources back to local authorities which had successfully encouraged business growth in their areas.)

A number of activities have been undertaken so far (to January 2013) to help deliver the Growth Strategy. Some of these have included:

  • Pro-active promotion of what Wycombe has to offer and development of an inward investment campaign that revolves around the Handy Cross development;
  • Building relationships with UK Trade & Investment, Thames Valley Chamber of Commerce and BBF to respond to international leads and enquires.
  • Visiting 34 large employers in Wycombe, with a particular focus on high-tech industries in advanced engineering; ICT / software engineering; bio pharma / life sciences. The visits will help the Council to better understand any issues they face and how any growth plans they have can be best supported
  • Support delivery of services by Skills Centre Bucks such as the Careers Network which provides weekly networking sessions to support local unemployed people and help them find work
  • Working with Bucks New University to develop skills programmes to work with the Advanced Engineering companies in Wycombe District
  • Referring businesses who are looking for apprentices to Amersham & Wycombe College
  • Commencement of activity to support unemployed people in Castlefield Ward. A JobCentre Plus adviser has been based in Castlefield since November 2012.
  • Advertising the financial support available to small and medium businesses that are looking to grow, such as Finance South East and Growth Accelerator, through the Wycombe for Business Website and through our business newsletter
  • Ongoing development of the Wycombe for Business website to provide up to date information to local businesses and to promote Wycombe District as a place to invest in

For Further Information

The Economic Growth Strategy and Tactical Plan is available from the downloads section of this website. Alternatively, please e-mail: econdev@wycombe.gov.uk